Optimate ISO 27001 Information Security Management Software

Manage your information security processes from a single point

ISO 27001 Information Security Software The software enables to manage all the processes that ISO 27001 Information Security Management System needs from only one screen. Since it is a web-based software, it is accessible from any point where it needed. It tracks a lot of process on behalf of you and makes reminders to related people. Through its advanced automatic reports and notification opportunity, failing points of ISO 27001 ISMS are detected quickly.

Software is compatible with Annex SL structure which is released by ISO and used in common all standards. Optimate ISO 27001 software contains menu that is one-to-one compatible with Clauses 4-10 of standard.

Enables for managers to check in progress of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and Annex A controls instantly.

In addition to Clauses of ISO 27001, the software enables automation opportunity for many of Annex A information security controls of standard. Some of the controls are supplier evaluations, tracking confidentiality agreements, user access management and measuring awareness level.

Reporting features

Summary information, risk distribution, status of information security risk treatment plan, asset distribution, status of corrective actions, status of tasks, objective and performance levels can be found as ready reports in the software for management review. In addition to this, users may create reports for their needs.


In order to manage ISO 27001 ISMS in software, necessary periodic tasks can be identified and an effective information security process can be formed. In addition, tracking legal and regulatory requirements which is compulsory for ISO 27001, periodic risk assessment and document review can be automatized.

Because of the software has prepared in a flexible environment, screens, reports, information fields can be added or present ones can be customized without interfering with source code.

Full Control and Integration

All modules work integrated with each other in the software. Thus, tasks can be created from all modules and managed from only one screen. Likewise, it is possible to reach to all common information fields from other modules.

Statement of Applicability (SoA), which needs to be prepared accordingly Clause 6.1.3.d, is prepared automatically according to assigned controls in risk assessment or treatment phase.

Situations that are requiring confirmation can be identified flexibly and all confirmation records can be shown through software.

Users can automatically log in software through active directory integration. There is no need for additional user management process.

Below, sample tasks can be done in the ISO 27001 software are given.

• Analysis of interested parties

• Analysis of external and internal factors

• Tracking of legal and regulatory requirements

• Policy management

• Risk management

• Asset and process management

• Preparation of Statement of Applicability (SoA)

• Competence management

• Document management

• Task management

• Defining and measuring objectives

• Performance evaluation

• Audit management

• Corrective actions

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