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Management and Audit of Information Assets
Today, regardless of the field in which businesses operate, information is the most fundamental asset of businesses. With developing technology, corporate information is kept, processed and protected in information technology environments. Many businesses have corporate valuable information such as financial and financial information, customer databases, product design and production information, and marketing sales information in information technology environments. These environments are managed and operated within businesses or through outsourcing. IT security audits are of great importance for businesses to ensure the accuracy and reliability of administrative configurations.
Secure Infrastructure
In the IT security audit carried out by BTYÖN, the configuration parameters of the operating systems, network infrastructure devices, databases and business application software that constitute the IT infrastructure used within the business are checked. In the settings made, situations that may cause unauthorized access to information in businesses, unauthorized changes, unauthorized disclosure of information or termination of services are detected and the relevant administrative configurations are reported. In addition, the security of the network topology, which is of great importance in information security, is also examined in IT security audits. All actions subject to this audit are carried out under the supervision of the company's system administrators.
Vulnerability Prevention
The gain from this audit is the detection of configurations that went unnoticed due to professional blindness or incomplete/incorrect configurations due to lack of knowledge and the instant status determination of the operated systems. These audits are carried out by experts whose field of work is system management and information security.
At the end of the audit, a two-level report is prepared. While the first one points out the detected vulnerabilities, the second level offers options for closing these vulnerabilities.

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