ISO 20000 Consultancy

As a team that has implemented large-scale ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System installations in our country, we aim to raise your information technologies processes to the level of best practices.

ISO 20000 Consultancy

ISO 20000 is an international ISO standard that enables organizations to implement best practices in information technology service management. ISO 20000 describes integrated management processes for effective information technology service delivery to business units and customers. ISO 20000 is a standard that is compatible and complementary to the process approach defined by ITIL. While the BS 25777 (2008) standard is “Information and Communication Technologies Continuity Management”, the updated ISO 27031 standard is “Information and Communication Technologies Guide for Business Continuity Preparedness”. has gained validity.

The ISO 20000 standard consists of 3 parts:
ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 (Part 1): In this part, the formal features and requirements of the standard are defined. The scope of this section is as follows:
• General requirements for the service management system
• Design and transition of new or changed services
• Service delivery processes
• Relationship processes
• Resolution processes
• Control processes

ISO/IEC 20000-2:2012 (Part 2):
Hizmet yönetim sistemi uygulamaları için rehber niteliği taşır ve hizmet yönetimi süreçleri için Bölüm 1 kapsamında en iyi uygulamaları içerir.

ISO/IEC 20000-3:2012 (Part 3): Kapsam tanımı ve Bölüm 1’in uygulanması için rehber niteliği taşır.

BTYÖN, which has successful project experiences in ITIL and ISO 20000, will enable you to create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in your IT service quality and increase customer satisfaction in the services you offer, with ISO 20000 consultancy. BTYÖN provides consultancy services under the guidance of ISO 20000 on the planning, implementation, measurement and audit preparation of your integrated processes with appropriate and effective solutions according to the needs of your business processes, customers and users. With its practical experience, it works to implement the best practices in accordance with your organizational culture.

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