Enterprise Risk Management Software

We provide the opportunity to manage all of your enterprise risks in accordance with your organizational structure and criteria.

«Risk management is foreseeing potential risks without turning into danger, and managing systematically in a way that reduces possible effects.»

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology consists of steps that are risk recognition, identifying, assessment and processing/monitoring.

Enterprise risk management system software, which is compatible with ISO 31000, ISO 27005 and all other accepted risk management methologies, and created and developed by a team that have sector experience enables you to work with a team that provides you risk management information support.

Methodology used in software is simple and created to be understood and implemented quickly. It provides risk assesment opportunity in acordance with previously identified criteria over values of Impact, Probability and Control Effectiveness. Assessed risks are prioritized by evaluating in “ranking” phase.

Decision Support

Biggest problems that are faced with in risk assessment, are because of making a person dependant risk assessment when making risk decisions. Enterprise risk management software has a methodology that minimizes possible relativity by a two-leveled risk assesment structure that gives opinion and makes decisions. Thus, by collecting opinions from related units before risk decision is made, provides opportunity for making right risk decision and choosing risks that will stand out.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Provides a dashboard that risks can be monitored completely and this monitoring could be done in all organization levels.

User-friendly Interface

ERM, which is developed by considering user habits, can be learned easily and used smoothly by all parties with its simple interface.

Advanced Notification System

Notification and warning system is advanced, and along with that has a manageable alert feature. Notifications can be configurated as turning into e-mails or warnings.

Flexible Organization Model

Along with its fexible organization model; it can smoothly be used for enterprises that are small, big or all type.

Suitable to your organizational structure; with enterprise risk management software, that has an adaptable structure, you don’t have to be limited with capability of software; structure of platform is devisable for you.

Even if your organization is seperated to different continents, countries, cities, directorates, managements, plants and units; enterprise risk management software can be customized in accordance with all of your organizational tree and levels can be chosen for giving risk opinions and making risk decisions.

Effective User Management

Provides manageable and safe user management feature by role-based authorisation.

Action Planning and Tracking

Action planning is made pillar-based.

An action could be connected to one or more risks, a risk also could be connected to one or more actions.

Assignments are made role-based.

Multiple Language and Environment Support

With enterprise risk management software that has multiple language support, you can smoothly use even if you have an multinational organizational structure and you can bundle risks according to country.

With export featue, all data produced can be evaluated also in other platforms.

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